Dear Church Family,

Since Sunday, July 12th, we have recommenced our Sunday morning services in the church building. The services will continue to be streamed as normal for those who will still be joining in from home. Sunday School and Sunday evening services are restarting on Sunday, September 6th. In due course, we hope to restart other activities, but we want to do that gradually.

We would like to know how many will be attending, so if you plan to join us, please complete the form by clicking this link, telling us how many will be coming with you.

We have worked hard to make things as safe as possible, and we are committed to following the government guidelines for churches. Please note the following points (you may view our full risk assessment as well for more detailed information):

  • We are expecting all those who come to observe social distance in both the building and car-park. We have also removed every other row of chairs from the church, and we are expecting each individual or family group to leave a two-seat space between the next individual or family group. Parents, please keep your children with you when they are not in Sunday School.
  • We will be using a simple one-way, first in first out system whereby you enter the building through the main doors, and at the end leave via the fire doors that open into the car-park. There will be no tea and coffee at the end. 
  • We have installed sanitizing stations in the church foyer and we expect everyone to use those on their way in. 
  • Toilets will be open. Please make sure they are empty before you enter.
  • We will not be singing. We would all agree that this is less than ideal, but faced with the alternative of not being able to meet with singing for a long time, we have decided to take the opportunity we have to be together, albeit in less than ideal circumstances. In accordance with government guidelines we will have musicians performing live worship music during the service and have congregational scripture readings. We will be aiming to find alternative ways for us to participate together meaningfully until we can reintroduce singing.
  • Please bring your own Bible if possible. The church Bibles have been removed. If you do not have a Bible, we will be displaying the readings on the big screen.
  • Finally, please do fill out the form and let us know you are planning to come.

With love,

Tim, Steve, Maurice, Steve, and Dave